Problems validating visa debit card

20-Sep-2017 04:43

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Actually I have about 10.00 credit because I paid too much to them.I would have to say that the emblem second chance card is a good opportunity for someone that has defaulted on a past debt and is trying to clean up thier credit.The final and 4th letter was an intent to sue letter, followed by a delivered claim court summons to their address. I have made it a career path (secondarily) to make money off of collection companies to finance our future. I am working with a "team" of bulldog attorneys now to bankrupt another collection agency and shut their business dorrs for good. :-) FTC Sued Compucredit that runs Jefferson Capital LLC and took them for millions just last year. I of course had to pay the balance on the card down as well but the card was good.I still have my emblem card, although I never use it and it is paid down to a zero balance.This happened several times until President "0" got elected and now they no longer grant increases for some reason.I have had this card for over 3 years now and have never had an issue.I WAS NERVOUS IN THE BEGININNG BECAUSE OF WHAT I READ, BUT THEN AGAIN I THOUGHT ABOUT EVERYONE TELLING BAD THINGS ABOUT THEM OF COURSE THERE NOT GOING TO TELL THE WHOLE SIDE IT COULD BE SPECIFIC REASONS WHY THIS HAS HAPPEN TO THEM MABY THEY DIDN'T FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES AND GOT FRUSTRATED OR THAT WHEN IT WAS TIME TO MAKE A PAYMENT THEY NEEDED THE MONEY FOR SOMETHING ELSE AND JEFFERSON CAPITAL TOOK THEM OFF THE PROGRAM ...

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Thinking this was legitiment because this company had my account number, the amount of the debt, my address, etc.

Thank you Monterey Bank and Jefferson Capitol for helping me repair my credit.